• Payroll Partnerships allow funding to flow from employer to staff through LaneStaffing.  This coordinated effort allows management to focus on other areas of the business.

  • Recruiting efforts examine unexplored opportunities to supplement requests from client companies.

  • Temps is a staffing method to reach out to companies and job seekers to connect them on projects as different needs arise.

  • Training gives employees tolls and knowledge to move client companies toward mutual goals.

  • Assist helps disabled job seekers match their talent to the best businesses needing their skills.

  • Human Resources monitors salaries and resources to ensure fairness in a competitive market.

  • Screening looks closely at all candidates to assure placement into a position maximizes employee skills.

  • LaneStaffing @ HAUL have established a partnership between the two respected entities.    The Houston Area Urban League marries their vast resources with ours to create maximum opportunities for both client companies and associates.