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  • 05-03-2018
  • Contract
  • Dallas, TX


As part of our Business Intelligence team, the ETL Developer will responsible for designing, developing and constructing ETL solutions and procedures using both Informatica Power Center as well as MS SQL SSIS. Cross-discipline collaboration will be utilized to solve complex problems and will require sophisticated analytical thought to exercise judgment and identify innovative solutions. This position will impact a range of customer, operational and project activities.

  • Design, develop and implement ETL solutions employing SSIS and Informatica Power Center, Data Integration Hub and Master Data Management technologies.
  • Address ETL solution requirements including compliance, security, latency, archiving and lineage.
  • Design appropriate data staging architectures for fact and dimension data including cleaning and conforming the data
  • Develop appropriate meta data storage and management methods addressing business, technical and process data types
  • Analyze, design and develop appropriate scheduling and data movement choreography solutions comprehending existing scheduling activities within and between in-scope source systems.
  • Design, develop and implement robust exception and quality handling capabilities
  • Develop ETL solutions that integrate with cloud based applications and data sources
  • Incorporate data encryption methods where appropriate
  • Performance tuning and optimization of newly designed and previously implemented SSIS integration packages
  • Provide support to technical team, write the necessary required documentation as per the company standards for ETL processes, and develop unit test plans, test cases and resolve related issues.
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